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This is another dream-sharing status. However, reader discretion is advised, for this story may be sad to those who are easily offended or to those who are emotional in nature...
Because last night, I dreamed that I accidentally killed a dog...
I was sent on a mission to a dam, where there was suspected enemy activity. I was situated at the bottom of the dam, and made my way across platforms and catwalks that hanged just above the water. This is where I came across a dog. This animal reminded me of my own dog, Zona. He had a long snout, pointed ears, and a coat of brown & white colors. Unlike my dog though, he was short and fat with stubby legs. Just a lovable ball of fur.

Forgetting my mission, I began giving him attention and petted him. He didn't growl or make any aggressive gestures. He was as a gentle as any creature could be, and loved the attention. Then an enemy agent appeared. The agent was armed and began to aim his weapon. Naturally, I started to do the same, however before I could pull the trigger, the dog ran out in between us. Then the shooting happened...

In the end, I was victorious. The bastard took a round straight through the chest, and his body toppled into the water. But then I spotted the dog. He was laying on his side on one of the platforms. To my horror, he had a gunshot wound on his side, and worse, he was still alive and conscious. Though I wished it otherwise, I knew I was responsible, and it was one of my stray shots that did this to him. I made my way to him and kneeled at his side. I put one hand on the wound, and with the other, I gently petted him and stroked his fur. I wanted to ease his passing as much possible, to make him feel loved. But he kept looking straight ahead, breathing slower and slower. My vision began to blur as tears swelled my eyes...

Then I woke up. And this was the first time I awoke with genuine tears in my eyes.
Dream Tales: The Dog and The Regret
This is apart of a series that I called "Dream Tales". This is where I share interesting dreams that I have had. I originally started this on Facebook and now will post it here as well. This piece was originally written on November 13 of 2013.

I have another dream from the other day that I would like to share. This one reminded of the Hunger Games books:

This dream took place in a world where the majority of the population lived in extreme poverty, and nature reclaimed most of humanity's cities. The one exception was a walled city where the privileged elite dwelled. This city held high, twisting spires and towers, and it was the only seat of power for the government. I had an aunt who knew a way into the walled city and gave me a mission. If I was successful, it would change the fate of world. I was sent on my way and snuck into city via a system of ancient catacombs. I was ultimately successful in my mission...

...However, I was deceived. My "aunt" was a conspirator with the new leader who rose to power, after I usurped the previous government. I realized I replaced one tyrannical regime with another, and thus I became swarmed with guilt. I was nothing more than a pawn in a political conflict. Later in the dream, the new leader gathered her followers in the central plaza within the city. She intended to rally the people to her cause. The plaza held a massive fire-pit at its center. Behind the pit, there was a double staircase which led to a raised platform above the pit. This is where the leader would give her speech.

I stood on the platform with her supporters, perhaps as a guest of honor. I stood towards the back of platform behind the leader. Yet I noticed that the platform held no guardrail and was completely exposed to the pit. That was when I saw my chance for redemption... I charged the leader from behind and tackled her with full force. We both reeled over the edge. As she screamed as we plummeted to our doom, I felt nothing but relief. For I knew I had found my redemption, even as the flames reached up to devour my flesh and turn my bones to ash...
...Then I woke up.

Dream Tales: The Redemption
This is apart of series I called "Dream Tales". This is where I post interesting and random dreams I've had and wish to share. I originally started this on Facebook, and I will now post them here as well. This piece was originally written September 20 of 2013. Hope you like it.
Hello. This is an introduction to what I will call "Dream Tales". These will be chronicles of vivid and interesting dreams that I have had and wish to share. I originally started this on my Facebook, and now I will start to post them here as well. What follows below is one of the first postings I wrote. It was originally written June 13 of 2013. I hope you enjoy:

I was a simple Space Marine, and I was stationed in a colony on the edge of human-controlled space. The colony was housed on a planet which featured snow-capped mountains, temperate forests, and rolling green hills. Yet another power laid claim to this paradise. An alien empire (to be specific, the Tau Empire from Warhammer 40k) claimed they possessed the planet before we did, even though they had no structures on the planet. This inevitably led to conflict.

I fought in the conflict and I was determined to defend the colony because it held someone special to me: my 3-year-old daughter. She was all I had left, because her mom had been killed in a crossfire between the human and alien forces. Yet another "casualty of war". We fought hard, but eventually the order came to abandon the colony and evacuate. We were outnumbered and supremely outgunned. We had no choice. My daughter and I were apart of the last groups because there was no one else to take her when the non-essential personnel were evacuated first.

However as we began leave, I noticed some crates full of candy. They were meant for a Halloween celebration which was cancelled. I carried my daughter, set her down on a nearby crate, and asked her which bag she would like. She didn't really understand what was going on and looked at me nervously. I asked her again and got the same response, so I settled on 20-lbs bag of M&Ms. "Is this okay?" I asked, and she nodded nervously and finally smiled a little. I began to walk, thinking she would jump off the crate and followed. I turned around and found her still on the crate. She was waiting for me to pay someone for the candy. I smiled and said, "Don't worry baby. Daddy will take care of it. Daddy will pay them later." "Okay," she said and smiled. As I retrieved her, I made eye contact with another personnel (who looked like one of my female co-workers). She gave me a knowing smile, and I smiled and winked at her. I was knowingly committing an act of outright theft. However I probably wouldn't be punished for it because:

1) It was practically the end of the world, and the candy would be abandoned in favor of essential food items. And...

2) I hoped the candy would cheer up my daughter, because in addition to losing her mom, she was losing the only home she ever known.

We proceeded to the upper levels of the colony, and I turned to call to her (my daughter's name was Curina, I imagined her mom named her). For the first time, I was horrified by how fragile she looked. She was tiny. She barely reached my knee height. Her arms and legs were skinny, almost sickly. I was terrified of what would happen to this fragile little being, and I was determined to protect her from the horrors of the universe...

...And then I woke up. And I began to question what I really wanted out of life.
Dream Tales: The Space Marine's Daughter
As I have written above, this is something I will call "Dream Tales", where I will share interesting and vivid dreams that I have had. I originally started this on Facebook, and I will now be doing it here as well. I originally wrote this one June 13, 2013. Hope you enjoy.


Xeno Heretic
United States
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Favourite cartoon character: Starscream
Personal Quote: "Let no good deed go un-punished, let no evil deed go un-rewarded." Codex of Chaos Marines


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